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Introducing Sindri

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Introducing Sindri — A Modernized ZK DevOps and Proving Stack

We're proud to unveil Sindri, a modernized zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) DevOps and proving stack, designed with the developer in mind. Sindri represents our contribution to the developer ecosystem and a step towards transforming ZKPs from a niche cryptographic concept into an accessible, universal utility.

Sindri has already generated countless proofs across a myriad of popular proving systems for ZK-enabled apps. We've opened our beta for developers. Feel free to sign up here!

Persistent Problems with ZK Development Today

ZK development is mired in trapdoors and pitfalls from development through production. Many developers fall into the trap of thinking the hard work is done once they've decided on a proving framework, fine-tuned their circuits, perhaps even self-provisioned "beefy" hosted machines from a cloud provider, and so on. The truth is: that's when many of the most complex, incessant tasks begin and existing solutions fall short.

Today's developers grapple with an array of pervasive ZK-related DevOps and infrastructure challenges, ranging from managing large proving keys and network latency to handling cold starts and versioning. Other important issues include cost control, integrating hardware acceleration, cloud infrastructure, and instance type selection, and establishing intelligent queue logic for workloads. Additionally, constant oversight of infrastructure and ensuring availability are critical. Falling short in any of these areas could lead to failure, yet proficiency in each is now a basic necessity. This underscores the urgent need for modernized tools for today's ZK developers.

(If this sounds familiar to you, email us at, and let's work together on how we can help you!)

Sindri: Edge Cryptography

Sindri is our contribution towards transformative change at the DevOps and infrastructure level required to unlock greater developer freedom. Our initial product release allows any developer to easily access and scale production-caliber ZK proving from anywhere on the planet, across any stage in their development cycle, across the DSLs and proving systems they love, and across any ecosystem (blockchain, web2, etc.) with near-zero lines of code through the Sindri SDK and API.

Sindri is a paradigm shift toward what we call "Hybrid Edge Cryptography" — handling cryptographic processes that involve offloading intense cryptographic computations from the source. This approach is designed to provide localized, verifiable, and high-performance cryptographic computation for any device that requires it. Embracing this paradigm means continuously driving innovation toward the edge while simultaneously maintaining the flexibility to shift workloads dynamically to serverless, high-performance operators as required. We've engineered Sindri to be modular, portable, and powerful to fit the current and future needs of this paradigm and will share more soon.

For those eager to learn more about Sindri's architecture today, we encourage you to take a spin through our documentation.

Blockchain is the Substrate for ZK — the Future is Much Bigger

While ZK has clearly found its early product-market fit in blockchain, it is just the beginning of the Sindri story. Our vision is to become the bedrock orchestration layer for ZKP development, integrating seamlessly with various proving systems, hardware vendors, and critical proving participants, and catering to an ever-expanding array of applications and use cases across digital ecosystems:

The Emerging Service Layer: We anticipate the emergence of a service layer, or "Halo Applications," where applications provide multifaceted, auxiliary services to blockchains and rollups leveraging ZK. The earliest of these can be seen in the form of breakthrough technology such as coprocessors and zkML. Expansion at this layer is inevitable and will not only enrich blockchain functionality, but it will bridge gaps between various digital ecosystems.

AI, Trust, and the Expansion: We're entrusting AI with greater decision-making power as it becomes more advanced. Enhanced cryptographic trust mechanisms are key components for reliably auditing and verifying AI actions, which ensure transparency and accountability They also enable broader, permissionless access to these AI systems. Sindri is at the forefront of this shift, building streamlined infrastructure for secure, efficient AI interactions.

Sindri Circuit Hub: An organized repository for open source circuits, offering a convenient starting point for circuit developers, aiming to enable greater composability within the circuit developer ecosystem. We will be seeding the Hub with the building blocks for verifiable PageRank in Noir, compression with Gnark, verifiable machine learning inference using Circom, and a float radius tutorial using the Axiom team's Halo2 tooling. We hope these inspire builders looking to take advantage of the unique use cases of ZK technology and we'll dig into each in more depth soon.

Permeation into Web2: The attributes that make ZKP appealing in blockchain environments can be cross-purposed into the Web2 landscape. We're actively engaged in conversations with organizations that seek to bring ZKP into the fray of environments that require high-integrity source data and computation.

Our Team and Advisors

Our team comprises PhD-level mathematicians, engineers, and builders with rich backgrounds in cryptography, network intrusion detection, software development and design, algorithmic optimization, deep learning, and digital signal processing. As developers, operators, and former academics, we bring deep expertise in secure and trustless networks and decades of experience building critical infrastructure. Our team's current and prior work includes creating groundbreaking machine learning techniques that enhanced information retrieval and set new industry standards, pioneering the first use of unsupervised machine learning for particle identification in high-energy nuclear physics, and algorithmic optimization for zero-knowledge processing.

$5M Seed Funding: Accelerating Our Vision

We are also thrilled to announce our $5M Seed funding, led by CoinFund with participation from strategics and angels across chip design and fabrication, signal processing, high-performance computation, and renowned figures in the fields of cryptography and blockchain. This investment will fuel our team expansion, developer network growth, and network seeding.

We're excited to join the CoinFund portfolio of world-class companies advancing zero-knowledge technology and the integration of machine learning, on and off-chain Together, we're dedicated to innovating with enhanced developer tools and pushing the boundaries of ZK technology, aiming to make blockchains more intelligent and the world's data verifiable.

Join us in shaping the ZK development landscape. For career opportunities, visit our Careers Page. To integrate with Sindri and for partnership opportunities, contact us at

Discover more about Sindri here and stay updated by following us on Sindri's X account.