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Integrating Sindri Into Remix IDE

· 2 min read

If you’d prefer to get right down to it, feel free to read the walkthrough in our documentation here

Today, we are excited to announce Sindri’s integration with Remix.

The integration of Sindri + Remix streamlines the ZK development process by embedding Sindri’s powerful API directly into the browser-based solution developers already rely on: Remix.

Sindri makes commissioning ZK infrastructure effortless and brings teams from idea to production within minutes not days or weeks. Now teams can incorporate sophisticated smart contract logic with industry-best tooling and powerful ZK infrastructure deployment pipelines without leaving their development environment.

Shareable sessions through Gists make ZK unit testing and collaboration possible with Remix across teams. We envision that, together with Remix, builders will come to rely on templated and shareable builds that can be repurposed, rebuilt, and reimagined on the fly.

To further expedite the development process, this integration provides pre-built helper templates for Circom development built right into Remix. These templates can serve as invaluable starting points, significantly reducing setup time and allowing developers to dive straight into building.

Here’s to moving ZK development forward, making it more accessible, and aligning it with the standards you’ve come to expect in the broader world of software development. Let’s build something amazing.

Create a Sindri account and get started in minutes with pre-built Circom templates or pull in from the Sindri repository of circuits here.