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Sindri x Maya Labs

· 3 min read

Enhancing Media Authenticity with Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Sindri Partners with Maya

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between Sindri and Maya Labs. By integrating Sindri’s Zero-Knowledge (ZK) infrastructure with Maya’s media authenticity protocol, we set new standards for integrity and trustworthiness in verifying the authenticity of digital media content.

The Need for Media Authenticity

Fake news, manipulated images, and AI-generated deepfakes make it increasingly difficult to trust the media we consume.

Maya Labs is building the first authenticity layer to combat the increasing difficulty in distinguishing between authentic and hyper-realistic AI-generated digital content. Their media authenticity protocol leverages zero-knowledge technology to offer seamless and secure authenticity verification of digital media content. Maya’s approach eliminates the need for third-party intermediaries, ensuring content credibility for creators of high-value media content.

By leveraging Sindri, Maya is able to access serverless, high-performance infrastructure required to generate proofs of authenticity across the Maya network through a few API calls. It’s a natural fit for both teams bringing Gnark-supported, ZK utility to real world use cases at scale. Maya protocol will use Sindri to power ZK proof generation within the media editing workflows, enabling secure and efficient validation of media content. With the Sindri API, integration takes minutes as compared to days, weeks, or months and provides infinite scalability out-of-the-box with no custom infrastructure code required.

The partnership between Sindri Labs and Maya Labs has already shown tangible benefits. The ZK-powered media editor prototype launched by Maya showcased how zero-knowledge technology can be used to ensure media authenticity. For example, the Maya protocol now offers real-time verification of various image manipulations, ensuring that users can trust the content and have enough contextual information to make informed decisions.

Some areas where Maya + Sindri can be leveraged:

  • Professional Content Creators: Social media creators could use Maya to protect their brand IP & reputation, enhancing audience engagement & trust.
  • AI Transparency: AI companies could use Maya to ensure transparency in the quality of training datasets and AI-generated content, ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • News Agencies: Major news organizations could use the Maya protocol to verify the authenticity of breaking news stories before publication.
  • Corporate Communications: Companies could use Maya to ensure the integrity of their digital communications, protecting their reputations and preventing the spread of false information.

Explore more about how Sindri can support your projects by visiting our blog, GitHub, and documentation.