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Sindri x Hyle

· 2 min read

End-to-End ZK Infrastructure: Sindri and Hyle Join Forces

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between Sindri and Hylé, a leading provider of ZK proof verification solutions. This collaboration will enable developers to seamlessly integrate Sindri's ZK Developer Cloud and API for efficient proof generation with Hylé's cost-effective, high-throughput proof verification layer.

The next leap in ZK innovation will be catalyzed by infrastructure that abstracts complexity, allowing developers to harness cryptographic power with the familiarity of conventional coding paradigms. This partnership exemplifies this vision by creating a ZK stack built to meet the standards of modern developers. By abstracting the intricacies of ZK infrastructure and execution, we're empowering developers and protocols alike to focus on building innovative applications rather than grappling with low-level implementation details.

Today, rollups, projects, and applications use Sindri's robust proving infrastructure and API to build and deploy faster while reducing costs. This partnership enhances our offering, allowing developers to generate proofs quickly and efficiently using Sindri, then verify them seamlessly through Hylé's scalable system. The result is a more streamlined, cost-effective process for builders that further reduces operational overhead, accelerating development cycles and time-to-market.

For instance, a team developing a modular ZK rollup could now generate and verify validity proofs for thousands of transactions without managing complex proof generation infrastructure or deploying custom verification contracts. This streamlined process not only reduces development time from months to weeks but also makes verification costs negligible, regardless of team size. As a result, we're jointly opening up the design space for ZK builders of any size, across any ecosystem to build towards a scalable, verifiable future.

This partnership is among many strategic collaborations we have planned to enhance our ZK infrastructure and our out-of-the-box tooling that complements our core proving API. We are dedicated to continuously improving our platform and ensuring our clients have access to the best technologies available. Stay tuned for more announcements as we continue to forge new partnerships and drive innovation in the ZK space.

Explore more about how Sindri can support your projects by visiting our blog, GitHub, and documentation.