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Sindri x Scroll in the V0RTex

· 3 min read

Sindri is thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming V0RTex Hackathon hosted by Scroll. As pioneers in the zero-knowledge space, Scroll has been instrumental in scaling Ethereum and we share their commitment to uplifting the developer experience. We're excited to engage with the vibrant Scroll community, challenge conventional workflows, and explore new ways to build the scalable future.

Why Participate in V0RTex?

V0RTex is a hackathon bringing together developers across the experience spectrum from novice to expert looking to push scalability. Builders will hack alongside others from across a variety of ecosystems including Ankr, Aztec, Chainlink, Covalent, Cyfrin, The Graph, and OpenZeppelin.

Hackers will have the opportunity to compete for over $85,000 in hacker rewards (plus Sindri credits if you’re participating in the Sindri track).

Check out previous Scroll hackathon submissions, or sign up here!

What We Bring to the Table

Sindri brings powerful tooling and accessible infrastructure solutions to ZK devs all via an API call. It’s like if Infura had a ZK proving endpoint for some of the most widely use proving frameworks like Gnark, Halo2, Circom, and Noir. This means builders and teams can have ready-to-use DevOps pipelines built right into the development flow or application logic, streamlined through intuitive Sindri SDKs, our Remix integration and other tooling.

At Sindri, we felt like robust infrastructure ZK solutions were something only well-capitalized organizations could afford to spin-up and manage. Our vision is to democratize acceleration, infrastructure, and the backend deployment experience for any developer, across any ecosystem, and across any ZK framework so they can build and ship with confidence. Our serverless deployment options mean more compute in a format that's consumable for dev teams big and small.

Jump in and get ready to hack in the V0RTex, or explore the bounties for Sindri and other hackathon partners.

Engage, Innovate, and Build

V0RTex has lined up exciting challenges for participants, focusing on areas where blockchain and zero-knowledge proofs can truly shine:

  • DeFi: We’re looking for ideas that revolutionize decentralized finance through superior UX and accessibility.
  • Gaming: Show us how zero-knowledge proofs can transform gaming on the blockchain with fairness, privacy, and scalability.
  • Privacy: Innovate with projects that utilize ZK to enhance privacy in identity management, voting, and communications.

Each category not only challenges the status quo but also provides a fertile ground for deploying new concepts that could lead to broader adoption and understanding of blockchain technologies. Looking for some inspiration on what to build with Sindri? We have lots of it.

More Than Just Competition

Sindri’s participation in V0RTex is about more than just competition; it’s about fostering a community. We are committed to supporting all developers, from those just starting their blockchain journey to seasoned experts. To this end, we will be offering comprehensive support throughout the hackathon, including dedicated office hours with our team.

Join us at Scroll's V0RTex hackathon to push the boundaries of what's possible with zero-knowledge technology. Together, we can build a future that leverages the full potential of blockchain technology, making it more accessible, efficient, and secure for everyone.

Explore more about how Sindri can support your projects by visiting our blog, GitHub, and documentation. Let’s build something transformative together in the V0RTex.