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Sindri Labs' API provides simple access to state-of-the-art hardware acceleration for Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) generation.

Developers don't want to manage complex ZKP infrastructure; they want to ship amazing products that leverage the magic of Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Sindri transforms the messy and complex world of ZKP infrastructure into simple API calls, so generating ZKPs feels fast and effortless.


🏆 Performance

Sindri's cloud infrastructure leverages GPUs and novel algorithms to address the bottlenecks in proof generation. Our results are comparable to the best publicly available benchmarks.

💎 Reliability

We have designed our API with customer needs in mind. Customers must be able to use a service when they need it. Sindri is dedicated to providing a stable, mission-critical service.

💰 Cost Savings

ZKPs are complex and computationally intensive. Rather than modifying existing libraries or hosting your own machines, you can use Sindri's API and invest in moving your product forward.

🔀 Flexibility

We are constantly evaluating and integrating the latest proving schemes so all of your ZKP requirements are met, no matter which route you take.

Here is an outline to help you navigate the docs:

Here are some commonly accessed pages: