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Sindri Closed Beta Release

· 4 min read

It's a big day at Sindri HQ. Over the last nine months we've been hard at work to make ZK proving infrastructure more accessible. We've done so through extraodinary developer tooling and an API-driven DevEx that developers, researchers, and builders have come to expect when designing and shipping next generation applications.

Starting today, we're officially inviting developer teams to transform their development workflows and proving environments with closed beta access to Sindri. Our closed beta prioritizes the features and utilities requested by the coders and engineers who trust our platform with their life work.

If you’d like access, you can create an account here. Let's dive in to what's in this release below!

What’s in the V1 release?

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From the outset, Sindri was envisioned as a tool built by developers, for developers building the next frontier using ZK technology. This first release will provide a suite of out-of-the-box tooling for developer, app, and research teams that need streamlined iteration and turbocharged deployment pipelines across ZK environments. Here's a sneak peek at some of things that will be shipped in this release:

  • Built-in Acceleration for ZK-Proof Workloads. Sindri’s algorithms are optimized for streamlining proof generation and save over +50% on average proving time across supported proving frameworks, end-to-end. We're democratizing managed, L2-grade acceleration for any developer, rollup, or organization with no configuration overhead.

  • Serverless, High-Availability Proving Infrastructure. A serverless, low-latency infrastructure backend that scales with zero-code. Today, we’ve seeded Sindri with a wide catalog of high performance hardware options to allow near-infinite scalability for mission-critical proving workloads.

  • Protoype Circuits. We've provided sample circuits to assist with and inspire developer creativity. Explore how each of our supported proving sytems can be leveraged across use cases with some of these examples in action here or on our Github here.

  • Support for Noir, Halo2, Gnark, and Circom Proving Systems. Support across leading ZK DSLs and frameworks with more on the way. Low degree of circuit refactoring makes integration and deployment easy while retaining developer choices.

  • SDK and CLI Tooling. Tailored to modern development needs, the Sindri SDK and CLI tools allow rapid setup of proving environments in fewer than 10 minutes. Build custom scripts or start with our quickstart guide.

  • Robust Development and Production Environments. We built Sindri as a lifecycle tool. Perform mock trusted setups for your unit testing and development or integrate proving keys for immediate, production-ready deployment with Sindri. Compile through Github integrations or locally via our SDK or CLI.

    Sign up for Sindri beta access.

What is Sindri Solving For?

We’ve talked at length about the trouble with existing ZK proving infrastructure, DevOps tooling, and the move towards Hybrid Edge Cryptography. Here’s a quick refresher on the things we don’t think developers should have to manage or compromise on:

  • Universal Support. Don't compromise on ZK DSLs’ performance and flexibility due to infrastructure customization needs. Find a list of our supported frameworks here.
  • Bootstrap Proving Resources. Sindri eliminates the time-consuming and costly process of bootstrapping performant proving resources.
  • Economical Serverless Compute. Avoid the financial and time burdens of always-on instances and over-provisioned cloud environments. With Sindri, you save time and money with instances that are 2x more cost effective than major cloud providers.
  • Managed Services. Leave it to Sindri. Sidestep the hassles of self-deployed instance maintenance and unforeseen compute shortages or changes in dependencies.
  • SLA Reliability and Uptime You Can Count On. Benefit from the convenience of on-demand, high availability compute, complete with SLA-backed reliability.

A Preview of Things to Come

We’ve got a jam-packed roadmap of features to streamline ZK development:

  • Circuit Hub. Discover a community-built repository of public circuits. For now, you can find some public circuit examples here, including our PageRank algorithm written in Noir.
  • Managed Instances. Customize and configure your ZK environment for on the fly. This includes hardware selection, acceleration preference, and shared vs. dedicated instances.
  • Expanding Framework Support. We’re committed to supporting your preferred ZK proving frameworks. If you have a specific framework request or suggestion, please let us know by emailing us at

We’re eager to connect with those pushing the boundaries with ZK technology. Whether you have feature suggestions or are a ZK developer team in need of streamlined deployment, we’re here to listen and collaborate. Let’s talk.