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Prove via Public Circuits and Streamlining Proof Lists

Prove via Public Circuits

This release of the API allows you to prove from circuits that have previously been compiled from any other user or team, as long as they are marked public.

All of the circuits in our sindri-resources database are public projects and are available to clone. Try something like:

prove sindri/multiplier2:public '{"X":7, "Y": 3}'

Streamlining Proof Lists

Previously, when you requested a list of proofs from a circuit, the API sent back one bulk response containing all of the details for all proofs. For an older circuit that has built up many proofs over time, this can cause sluggish behavior while your application receives and processes all that data.

As of this release, the proof detail endpoint is the only place where you can retrieve the full data for a proof (including the proof and public fields). You can still incorporate logic into your application that retrieves all of the proofs for a single circuit; you'll just have to separate that process into two steps:

  1. Request all of the proofs for a specific circuit
  2. Loop over the proof_id field and request the proof details for each