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Support for PlonK in Gnark

Until recently, Groth16 was Sindri's only supported proving scheme when targeting the gnark framework. Today, we're pleased to announce support for the PlonK proving scheme with full GPU acceleration in gnark versions v0.9.0 and above. All you need to do to use PlonK as a proving backend is to set the provingScheme to plonk in your sindri.json manifest file, like so:

"$schema": "",
"circuitStructName": "MyCircuit",
"circuitType": "gnark",
"curve": "bn254",
"gnarkVersion": "v0.9.0",
"name": "my-circuit",
"packageName": "mypackage",
"provingScheme": "plonk"

PlonK is particularly well-suited for situations where you need to write a large number of different circuits implementing separate business logic flows. The fact that it supports a universal trusted setup makes it easy to manage securely deploying many circuits compared to Groth16 (which requires circuit-specific trusted setups). For example, our friends over at Maya Labs are using Gnark PlonK circuits with Sindri to provably verify the integrity and trustworthiness of digital media.

You can check out Consensys' guide on proving schemes and curves to learn more about the tradeoffs between Groth16 and Plonk!