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Gnark Version Upgrades

Sindri now supports Gnark version v0.10.0!

This update brings a host of new features and performance improvements to enhance your development experience.

With this upgrade, you can leverage Sindri with the latest advancements in Gnark (the full changes can be found in the Gnark release notes) including the following:

  • Groth16 and PlonK Enhancements: This version includes the latest Groth16 and PlonK implementations.
  • PlonK has been updated to the latest paper version which was previously incompatible with earlier Gnark versions.
  • Efficient PlonK Recursion: Support for efficient PlonK recursion with 2-chains (BLS12-377 / BW6-761)
  • Groth16 Solidity Verifier Enhancements: The Groth16 Solidity verifier now supports commitments