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A Unified Sindri + Nargo CLI DevEx


A few days ago, we announced the Sindri CLI's incorporation of Trail of Bit's useful command line tool Circomspect for Circom devs. For Noir devs, we are proud to introduce the integration of Nargo commands via the Sindri CLI. You can now access two circuit writing toolkits via a single library install! An example of one possibility that opens up is featured below:

Create a circuit with the Sindri CLI and analyze it with Nargo
npm install -g sindri@latest
sindri init noir-circuit # Go through the Q&A to produce a Noir circuit
cd noir-circuit
sindri x nargo info

Note that there are a number of nargo versions available. The sindri x nargo suite will choose the version matching your noirVersion field in the sindri.json manifest of your circuit directory. If that isn't found (maybe you have not started writing it), the latest available version of Nargo is used. For the full set of commands available, check out the reference docs.