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Noir Version Upgrades

Sindri now supports Noir circuit versions v0.24.0 through v0.28.0!

This means you can utilize Sindri's accelerated proving backend while still benefitting from the exciting new zk-app development tools introduced by recent Noir versions. If you use v0.25.0 or above, you can combine the local Nargo codegen functionality to quickly autogenerate return types for proofs and public variables obtained via with Sindri's TypeScript SDK.

The rapidly-expanding Noir standard library is another reason to upgrade your circuits:

  • With v0.24.0 or above, you can use Bounded Vectors to maintain dynamic lists efficiently.
  • With v0.25.0 or above, you can use Hashmaps to encode key-value data structures within a circuit.
  • With v0.28.0, you can use min and max to easily constrain the extreme values of a list.