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nargo Command

Run Aztec's Nargo package manager for Noir-Lang projects. In addition to package management, Nargo also provides subcommands for compiling circuits, generating proofs, verifying proofs, etc.


Noir's package manager

Usage: nargo <COMMAND>

backend Install and select custom backends used to generate and verify proofs
check Checks the constraint system for errors
fmt Format the Noir files in a workspace
codegen-verifier Generates a Solidity verifier smart contract for the program
compile Compile the program and its secret execution trace into ACIR format
new Create a Noir project in a new directory
init Create a Noir project in the current directory
execute Executes a circuit to calculate its return value
prove Create proof for this program. The proof is returned as a hex encoded string
verify Given a proof and a program, verify whether the proof is valid
test Run the tests for this program
info Provides detailed information on a circuit
lsp Starts the Noir LSP server
help Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

-h, --help Print help
-V, --version Print version