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Join Us at ETHGlobal's Circuit Breaker with Sindri

· 4 min read

ETHGlobal's Circuit Breaker hackathon is a beacon for the zero-knowledge (ZK) developer community, and Sindri is thrilled to be a part of it. As the inaugural ZK-focused event by ETHGlobal, this event isn't just another hackathon; it's a gathering of builders and forward-thinkers eager to push the boundaries of what's possible with ZK technology. We're here to support you, whether you're a seasoned ZK developer or just starting to explore ZK. The best part: prizes will be an added bonus. Read on to find out more.

There are also some truly amazing projects and teams joining in on the event as well including Avail, Scroll, Aztec, Privacy + Scaling Exploration, and Iron Fish.

At Sindri, we're all about removing barriers and meeting developers wherever they are in the development lifecycle. We believe in giving every developer, regardless of their background or the ecosystem they operate in, the tools and infrastructure to build and deploy with confidence. Our goal is to make high-quality backend deployment accessible to everyone, democratizing the ability to accelerate and scale projects without compromising.

Why Hack with Sindri

We want you to help reshape what’s possible with ZK. We respect the builders at the forefront of this exciting technology, but also see the hurdles of developing, iterating, and shipping ZK solutions due to infrastructure that just hasn’t been able to keep pace with the industry. We seek to deliver productivity and developer choice in every line of code. Thus, integrating Sindri is simple! It integrates with workflows you’re accustomed to (e.g., Github, SDKs, etc) and, most importantly, it is deployed through an API, which UX developers have come to expect with infrastructure solutions. So, let’s build together.

To make things more interesting and encourage boundary pushing, we've structured two main prize categories to spark your creativity:

Prize 1: Most Unique Use of Sindri - Show us how you can creatively use Sindri’s API to solve complex problems or create something entirely new. This category rewards creative applications that leverage Sindri’s API and supported proving systems such as Gnark, Noir, Halo2, and Circom. Whether it's through rollups, interoperability solutions, DePIN, proof aggregation, or any other application, we're looking for projects that stand out.

Prize 2: Best Use of Sindri in ML x Web3 - Combine AI with Web3 in ways that challenge the status quo. If you've got an idea that merges these fields in a unique way, we want to see it. We’ve got some examples that may provide off-the-shelf inspiration here.

We’ll be hosting office hours weekly to ensure we’re making ourselves available to take on your questions or issues. Also, be sure to check out the other great prize tracks here.

More Than Just a Tool

Sindri was built by builders just like you who value modernized tooling to get the job done in a way that “just works.” Our goal is to be your tool of choice wherever you are across the development cycle. The Sindri API has been built in a way that fits into existing application and protocol logic via our SDK and CLI tooling to streamline your ZK journey from dev to prod.

Sindri comes jam-packed with a lot of power under the hood including: serverless deployment, proprietary acceleration hardcoded into every API call, high-availability GPU nodes, out-of-the-box proof system support, near-zero latency, and more.

A Friendly Invitation

We’re excited about the possibilities that Circuit Breaker and the broader ZK community hold. Sindri is here to support your journey, offering the tools and infrastructure needed to bring your vision to life. Join us at ETHGlobal’s Circuit Breaker hackathon and let’s explore the future of ZK technology together.

Discover more about how Sindri can support your projects by visiting our blog, GitHub, and documentation. Let's build something amazing together.