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API Key List



Return a list of API Keys for the team.



  • Array [

  • api_key Api Key (string)

    The API key. Will be null unless the key was created during the request. Keys are not stored in plaintext and can not be recovered after creation time.

    date_created date-timerequired

    The date that the API key was created.

    date_expires date-time

    The date that the API key will automatically expire.

    date_last_used date-time

    The last time that the API key was used to authenticate with the API.

    id uuid4required

    The database ID for the API key. Used when deleting keys.

    name Name (string)required

    The human-readable name for the API key used for managing keys.

    prefix Prefix (string)required

    The non-secret key prefix.

    suffix Suffix (string)required

    The non-secret key suffix. Helpful for identifying keys if a name wasn't specified at creation time.

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